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"Acupuncture patients often report not only the disappearance of symptoms, but also feeling better generally, referring to such things as increased energy and vitality, greater enjoyment of life, greater confidence, better sleep and a more normal appetite."


Our practical unique multi-disciplined approach to weight management ensures our clients achieve long term sustainable weight loss. If you are frustrated with trying numerous diets to lose weight only to put it back on again then our approach is the solution you are looking for. We work with you on all elements of your life which impact your weight and tailor-make a solution suitable for your needs. Our program considers all of the following:

Mental Approach

We provide you with the psychological tools to achieve success. Many people fail to maintain long term weight loss because of psychological barriers and sheer lack of will power. To ensure our clients overcome such obstacles, we carry out customised psychological profiling with each of them. Consequently we can equip them with a series of tools to achieve the correct psychological mindset to achieve long term weight loss.

Food Intolerances

We test you for foods which may adversely affect your weight.Some of our bodies have difficulty digesting foods correctly which may contribute to bloating and other weight and health related issues. You may think you have a very healthy diet but do you really know? For example you may be eating lots of fruit and without realising it have a yeast intolerance. Excess fruit containing high levels of sugar may promote the growth of yeast and exacerbate the problem leading to bloating, to name but one of many symptoms. To identify such potential foods, we recommend all our clients undergo a food intolerance test. In this way, we identify unsuitable foods and agree a customised eating plan.

No Calorie Counting Or Dieting

We provide no nonsense practical guidelines. Many dieters complain that calorie counting is difficult to sustain in the long term. As our objective is to ensure our clients maintain long term weight loss, we encourage clients to approach their "calorie management" in a different manner. We provide a no nonsense practical approach, which can be applied to the entire family and across all social occasions.

Practical Exercise Plans

We devise enjoyable and adaptable programs. Not all of us like going to gyms or even walking for that matter. We therefore work with clients to establish what they enjoy doing to ensure they will view their activity as a pleasure as opposed to a chore. We then plan the program accordingly to suit their lifestyles. In addition, we provide lots of handy tips on how to manage weight by tweaking daily routines.

Location And Convenience

We are flexible as we work both face to face and over the phone. One reason why weight loss programs often fail is that clients cannot get to their classes at specified times or indeed locations may not be convenient. We provide clients with a range of potential options to ensure whatever their lifestyle is they will be able to facilitate some form of daily activity. No matter what your constraints are we will provide you with solutions to overcome them.

Sensible Tracking Measurements

We take the full picture into consideration. Often clients end up being de-motivated by standing on weighing scales and discovering they have not lost weight or indeed appear to have gained weight after dieting. Many people do not understand that your overall figure can tone up and your weight can increase due to building muscle which weighs more than fat, but yet burns more calories and provides you with a better physique. We combine several ways of truly measuring weight loss other than stand alone methods particularly those embarrassing weigh-ins, which can be misleading.

Objective Product Advice

We do not promote our own brand. We have chosen not to become involved in branding our own product range either in the area of food, equipment or nutritional supplements. This means we can objectively advise clients on what is available in the market today and recommend best in class to them.

Personalised Support And Follow Up

We constantly motivate you not just to loose the weight but to maintain the loss. At times we all need support - we offer clients this in a personalised manner from someone they have built a close relationship with - not an impersonal manner from someone they have only had a few encounters with or indeed may never have met. Our research shows that the initial weight loss may be achieved relatively easily. However, it is in achieving and maintaining the ideal weight and sustaining it long term where the real challenge lies. This is where our personalised support is key in providing clients with constant motivation and encouragement. We provide our clients with the option of a special maintenance program over a six month period to keep them on the right path.

Team Of Experts From Multi Disciplined Background

Support from GPs, personal trainers, life coaches and nutritional therapists are at your disposal. Our team can provide this comprehensive program as they have a range of experts and skill sets at their disposal. This ranges from GPs through to personal trainers, life coaches and nutritional therapists. We tailor programs depending on our clients' needs and refer them to relevant experts. At all times, you will have one dedicated Afresh team member working with you to achieve your goals in long term weight loss.

As you can see our approach is a no-nonsense practical style where we aim to get long term results without fad-dieting to provide you with your ideal long term weight.

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