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Acupuncture for Executive Stress
"Acupuncture patients often report not only the disappearance of symptoms, but also feeling better generally, referring to such things as increased energy and vitality, greater enjoyment of life, greater confidence, better sleep and a more normal appetite."


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Do you suffer from any of the following?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night?
Do you find it difficult to go to sleep?
Do you find it difficult to stop your mind after a busy day at work?
Do you experience disturbed sleep?
Do you wake up feeling tired?

All of these small symptoms can impact not only  on the quality of your day but also the quality of your work and performance in the fast paced arena of business.

Research shows that insomnia can be improved by using acupuncture.

"I had never considered acupuncture would help insomnia. I have been a chronic insomniac for the last ten years. Sleeping tablets were no longer helping and due to a constant lack of sleep my immune system was compromised and I was more prone to flus and colds. When a friend suggested I go to see Karen Costin I was extremely dubious about the whole idea of needles!! I could not understand how a few needles would help something I have been suffering for so long.

Karen did a detailed diagnosis and spent a long time taking my pulses. After the first treatment I did not feel any different and my sleep did not change at all!! Karen had warned me that it would take a couple of treatments as my problem was so chronic. I went back feeling fairly angry that my sleep was still so bad. The second treatment she spent a lot more time doing the needles rather than the diagnosis.

I still cannot believe the differenc!! After the second session I felt exhausted and my body felt heavy. She told me this was normal and that this was my body's way of pushing me into natural sleep. My husband had to get up with the baby that night as I was in such a deep sleep!! Unbelievable!! I cannot say enough about Karen. She was so patient even though I questioned everything she did!! I was so sceptical. Her answer was she loves to treat sceptics as they are often the ones who respond the best!! This sceptic has certainly been convinced!! Thanks Karen !! "

Acupuncture is a completely natural way to treat insomnia. After one or two sessions you see immediate results. Insomnia affects 30% of the population, with 10% suffering chronic insomnia.

Treat Insomnia with AcupunctureThe causes of insomnia can be varied. However, a lack of sleep can have a devastating effect on our lives. It can reduce our immune system thus leaving us vulnerable to illness. It can affect our relationships both in the work place and in our personal lives. It can affect our decision-making and as a result of exhaustion cause us to have an irrational perception of our reality.

In order to break the sleep deprivation cycle, acupuncture is a safe and effective way to treat insomnia.

5 element acupuncture breaks the trauma cycle and restores the body to balance.

Sleep is a vital part of our recuperation process. It is the time we give our bodies and minds to heal and revitalise. If you experience disturbed sleep, wake in the early hours and find yourself unable to go back to sleep, you are not getting the rest that you need. Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you nip insomnia in the bud!

Insomnia can affect your concentration. It can affect your mood. If you are experiencing stress in your daily life, deep sleep is vital.

A number of factors may contribute to insomnia

Stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. You should consider restricting caffeine and nicotine use in the hours immediately before bedtime and also limiting your daily intake.

People often use alcohol to help induce sleep. This is an unwise choice! Alcohol is associated with sleep disruption and creates a sense of non refreshed sleep in the morning.

Anxiety and stress are the principle causes of insomnia! Exercise and acupuncture improve your mood, help reduce stress and improve your general health.


Acupuncture and the Treatment of Insomnia

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